### WARNING ###
Please be aware that using traffic engineering could impact the DDoS mitigation protection provided by Link11.
Steering the incoming customer traffic to a smaller number of sites, decreases the DDoS mitigation capacity.

BGP communities used for internal tagging (not usable by customers)

34309:2000Route received from any Transit-Provider
34309:2010Route received from TeliaSonera (AS1299)
34309:2020Route received from T-Systems (AS3320)
34309:2030Route received from Cogent Communications (AS174)
34309:2040Route received from Singtel (7473)
34309:2080Route received from RETN (AS9002)
34309:2100Route received from a public peering connection
34309:2110Route received from DE-CIX
34309:2120Route received from AMS-IX
34309:2130Route received from Singapore EquinixIX
34309:2140Route received from LINX
34309:2150Route received from Digital Realty NYC
34309:2160Route received from SwissIX
34309:2170Route received from Any2 Los Angeles
34309:2200Route received from a private peering connection
34309:2300Route originated in Europe
34309:2301Route originated in America
34309:2302Route originated in Asia
34309:2310Route originated in Frankfurt (FRA5)
34309:2311Route originated in Frankfurt (FRA8)
34309:2312Route originated in Amsterdam (AMS1)
34309:2313Route originated in London (LON2)
34309:2314Route originated in Zurich (ZRH1)
34309:2315Route originated in New York (NYC1)
34309:2316Route originated in Miami (MIA1)
34309:2317Route originated in Los Angeles (LAX1)
34309:2318Route originated in Singapore (SGP1)
34309:2319Route originated in Frankfurt (FRA14)
34309:2320Route originated in Frankfurt (FRA7)
34309:2321Route originated in Hong-Kong (HKG3)
34309:2400Route originated in Frankfurt
34309:2401Route originated in Amsterdam
34309:2402Route originated in London
34309:2403Route originated in Zurich
34309:2404Route originated in New York
34309:2405Route originated in Miami
34309:2406Route originated in Los Angeles
34309:2407Route originated in Singapore
34309:2408Route originated in Hong-Kong
34309:2999Anycast route

Traffic-Engineering BGP communities (usable by customers)

34309:90Set local-pref to 90 (less than transit)
34309:130Set local-pref to 130 (less than peering)
34309:190Set local-pref to 190 (less than customer)
34309:666Blackhole prefix (up to /32 for IPv4 and /128 for IPv6)
34309:101xPrepend routes to TeliaSonera (AS1299)
34309:102xPrepend routes to T-Systems (AS3320)
34309:103xPrepend routes to Cogent Communications (AS174)
34309:104xPrepend routes to Singtel (AS7473)
34309:108xPrepend routes to RETN (AS9002)
34309:111xPrepend routes to DE-CIX
34309:112xPrepend routes to AMS-IX
34309:113xPrepend routes to Singapore EquinixIX
34309:114xPrepend routes to LINX
34309:115xPrepend routes to Digital Realty NYC
34309:116xPrepend routes to SwissIX
34309:117xPrepend routes to Any2 Los Angeles
34309:1901Don't announce routes to transit in EMEA
34309:1902Don't announce routes to peering in EMEA
34309:1903Don't announce routes to transit in Americas
34309:1904Don't announce routes to peering in Americas
34309:1905Don't announce routes in transit in Asia
34309:1906Don't announce routes in peering in Asia
Where x is the number of prepends (x=1,2,3,4,5) or do NOT announce (x=0)

Last update: Wed 30 Mar 2022 12:44:46 PM UTC